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Project: Codex World Top 50 Innovators Promotional Video

Timescale: 2 days

Featuring - Custom animation

                 - Sourcing copyright permission for both imagery

                   and music

                 - Image manipulation and design

Project Details:

Codex is a conference company hosting some of the largest businesses in the tech industry. Their 'World's Top 50 innovators' 3 day conferences brings together some of the biggest innovators in their respective fields to give a 15 minute 'Ted' style talk. 

We were commissioned to create this short video to be used for online marketing before the event and an introduction to the conference itself. As well as creating custom graphics and animation, we had to seek copyright permission from a variety of companies regarding images and audio. We consulted with Codex in regards to this process and made sure the project was completely legal before proceeding. 

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