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Meet the dream team

Meet our amazing team that makes magic happen. They will ensure your new video will be a guaranteed success.

Jack Carey

Jack Carey

Creative Director

Creative Director

Mark Cooper

Content Strategist

Josh Heggs

Audio and Video Producer

Ash Thomas

Developer / Designer

Scott Roberts

Graphic Design

Stuart Miller

Drone Operator

The team are fuelled by creating great quality content for our clients. We all come from a diverse background of production enabling us to offer a truly unique way of developing your project. 

The team are made up of a group of passionate freelancers who are skilled in a variety of different mediums including e-learning, live production, VR and AR, animation and everything in between. If you have a project, even a strange one, I guarantee we have a guy or girl who specialises in it.

Using freelancers also means the costs stay low. You only pay for staff and equipment you require, meaning our services are scalable to your budget and timescale. We also pride ourselves on being truly portable. We have traveled nationally and internationally for projects will little additional cost. Sound to good to be true? Well, its not.


What our clients say

Rob Simms, Co-Founder


"We have been absolutely delighted with the results Jack has produced for CASMSS World over the last few years. In our business, we run conferences across Canada, the UK and USA for Chief Information Officers, so its paramount we produce the highest quality video content. Using Jack, we are guaranteed to reach these desired results. On top of his work, he is a fantastic person to work with, extremely professional and his end results are always delivered on time.

Recently, we flew Jack to Canada to film our Vancouver conference simply because we trusted his work and love working with him. I would recommend anyone to use Jack Carey for all their filming work"

Some of the companies we work with

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