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Project: Codex World Top 50 Innovators 2017 Post Production

Timescale: 13 days

Featuring - Post Production creation of videos

                 - Multi-cam editing

                 - Producing content with the BT production team

Project Details:

Codex is a conference company hosting some of the largest businesses in the tech industry. Their 'World's Top 50 innovators' 3 day conferences brings together some of the biggest innovators in their respective fields to give a 15 minute 'Ted' style talk. 


We were commissioned to edit all the talks from the conference (50 videos) for Codex's ongoing marketing strategy. We also worked closely and guided the BT production team, ensuring the quality of the content was high and we captured the content in the way the client requested. We later ensured the editing was uniform across the extensive range of videos enabling Codex to use them as a collection.

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