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Project: White Rock Primary School Festival of Learning Promo

Timescale: 3 Days

Featuring - Custom Animation

                 - Consultation and idea development

                 - Production and green screen keying

Project Details:

White Rock Primary School host an annual event called the Festival of Learning. The event enables all students attending the school a day of learning opportunities, which include brick laying, archery and arts and crafts. 


We were commissioned to produce a short and fun video that would engage with both children and adults alike, with personalities that everyone would know. Using existing branding from the school, we developed custom animations that gave the video a summer feel and made it visually appealing.


We shot the entire video in a green screen studio, worked with the presenters personally, allowing them to give a great performance, and edited the entire project within 3 days, ensuring the school received their video within a tight deadline.

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